Solar Facility Inspection
Aerial Photos/Videos
Construction Monitoring

Photovoltaic solar facilities can be inspected using thermal imaging.   Defects and outages show up as hotspots when compared with normally operating panels.

Drones are used to collect the thermal data quickly and safely.   The images are then analyzed and processed for a report to the client.   The report includes types of failures, failure locations, and recommendations.  More here.

Drones are used to map large areas to high precision.  Hundreds of photos are taken per flight.   The photos are later processed into 2D or 3D maps.    

Maps can be used for precision agriculture, mining, site planning, or construction monitoring.

More here.

Monitor the progress of your construction site through photos, videos, 2D/3D mapping, and time lapse imaging.

Solar Farm
Contruction Monitoring
Aerial Photos

Showcase your property through the use of aerial photos and video.  See example videos here.